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What to expect

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Top Notch Care

At your first visit

Your assigned doctor will perform a thorough examination exploring all bodily systems in order to make an accurate diagnosis pertaining to your condition.
After your first visit, our interdisciplinary team of providers reviews your examination results together to come up with a well-rounded treatment plan that may include:

Trigger Point Injections

Modern Medicine

Corrective Bracing

Chiropractic Care

Nervous System Care

Functional Assessment

Physical Therapy

Dietary Changes & Nutraceuticals

Any dietary changes or nutraceuticals recommended to aid in your care will be discussed with you and recommended on an as needed basis.

At your second visit

We will discuss your examination results and the cause of your symptoms. Your treatment recommendations will consist of therapies specific to your condition, along with your recommended visit frequency. Our aim is to be as transparent and helpful as possible.
All therapies utilized at our clinic are non-invasive. If drugs, surgery or additional procedures are required to treat your condition, these recommendations will be made immediately following your first visit. In less acute cases, if significant improvement has not been demonstrated after 8 weeks of treatment our practitioners will meet to determine what your next best steps of treatment should be, or if an extension of treatment is necessary. All options will be discussed openly between providers and patients prior to moving forward with any treatment. As always, your health is our top priority and we believe that education is of the utmost importance to ensure you get the treatment you need!
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