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Regenerative therapy treatments in Wilsonville, OR stimulate the repair of damaged issue, and the growth of new tissue to restore joint function. It is important to understand that "regenerative therapy" is an umbrella term that encompasses several different types of treatments. Your doctors at Modern Movement Medicine recommend the type(s) of regenerative treatment that will work best for you on an individual basis.

What Happens During A Regenerative Therapy?

Regenerative treatments mainly treat joint and chronic pain, in addition to muscle injuries. Treatments involve the injection of a natural solution, some including your own plasma, into the affected joint or muscle tissue. In this way, regenerative therapy uses your body's own capacity for healing. Your stem cells and platelets, which are all rich in growth factors, can be injected into arthritic joints to ease inflammation and prompt the development of new, healthier cells. If you suffer from chronic joint pain, or have osteoarthritis or other joint troubles, you may likely be a good candidate for regenerative therapies.

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Modern Movement Medicine is dedicated to helping you get relief from your pain. Our interdisciplinary healthcare team offers drug-free, surgery-free treatments that provide long-term results for Modern Medicine.
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