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The office staff is very helpful and kind. Doctors are caring and attentive to my concerns and needs. Acupuncture was fantastic here also. So happy I found this place 9 months ago. They have really helped improve my quality of life.
Esther H.
Dr. Alyssa is amazing! She has helped me immensely, helped me with my problems not even my primary care doctor could figure out how to fix. Very thorough and on top of making sure you're always comfortable and continues to help you improve with each appointment. Dr. Alyssa has changed the way I look at my health and I will ALWAYS go to her for help.
Cassidy B.
To fully convey all the ways Dr. Alyssa has helped my family, would require a novel. My husband, myself, and my four children have been patients since my youngest was 3 months old. We originally came in because my 3-month-old had severe torticollis (her head was literally stuck tilted to the left side). Her pediatrician had talked about surgery and physical therapy to correct it. Out of desperation to avoid surgery, I very hesitantly took her to see Dr. Alyssa. After her very first adjustment, she could hold her head straight for the first time in her short life!!! I was so grateful and blown away. She is now a healthy happy 3-year- old!! We consistently come in for routine adjustments for our entire family.
The uniqueness of the Gonstead method (which is what Dr. Alyssa practices) allows her to adjust us all very specifically and methodically. It's unlike any other chiropractic experience live ever had. I could sing her praises all day to anyone who'd be willing to listen. If you're looking for an amazing, intelligent, skilled, confident, and kind chiropractor, seriously look no further!!! Dr. Alyssa is the elite in her field. Just love Bry up front too!!"
Sheena E.
Dr. Alyssa is wonderful! Her care is amazing for both adults and children! My daughter had a very high fall and Alyssa is both gentle and accurate!
Kristin F.
The fact that I drive 45 min just to be seen by Dr. Kurth is the best recommendation I can give! She is worth the drive for me because I have found no one else like her who helps with chronic tension in my back and shoulders. She is the best!!!
Kylee B.
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