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Sports Chiropractic


At Modern Movement Medicine, our team is aware that sports injuries are not specific to professional athletes alone. It is common to overexert ourselves or push past varying levels of discomfort, even in one’s daily exercise routine. This is why it is important to assess minor discomforts before they become major! Our team offers a comprehensive treatment plan for sports injuries at any level, from beginners to professionals.

What causes Spinal or extremity-based injuries?

Spinal or extremity-based injuries can occur from ongoing repetitive motions or improper form/poses through movement. We focus on biomechanical assessments of the spine and extremities to assess how the spinal motions can be affecting motions along the kinetic chain. We offer a tailored approach to each patient, focusing on specific and attainable target goals while decreasing return time to the activity.
Injuries do not always have to be present in order to seek chiropractic care for sports performance. Chiropractic care for sports performance can help increase range of motion/mobility, help muscular imbalances, and aid in the reduction of future re-injury.

There are generally three categories of care for sports injuries:

Acute care is for pain that has recently developed as a result of a specific injury. Most athletes will receive acute care because they can pinpoint when the injury occurred and quickly realize something is wrong. For athletes, it is critical for the body to be operating at peak performance, which makes them seek out treatment immediately before the injury affects performance or prevents playing their sport(s). Acute care treatment almost always includes icing the area and resting it, along with chiropractic adjustments, exercises or treatments deemed necessary by your provider.
Ongoing care is frequently seen in athletes or “weekend warriors” who are trying to maintain peak performance, but aren’t as pressed to get back into action as athletes seeking acute care. These are often maintenance programs that occur on a regular schedule. Regular appointments serve to keep the body in proper alignment and ensure that joints do not lock up. Ongoing care treatments include adjustments, exercises and other treatments prescribed by your provider.
This is a situation where an old untreated/mistreated injury flares up years or even decades later. Your provider will take a detailed history of the injury, including how it happened, prior care received, what has been done to manage it, and how much use the area receives now. Only after your history has been taken and an examination performed will your Modern Movement Medicine provider develop an individualized treatment plan. Our short-term goal in these situations is to relieve the pain as quickly as possible. The long-term goal is to correct the problem at its root cause. Depending on the injury and its severity, treatment will follow the same patterns as acute and ongoing care: ice, rest, adjustments, exercises, and treatments.

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Modern Movement Medicine is dedicated to helping you get relief from your pain. Our interdisciplinary healthcare team offers drug-free, surgery-free treatments that provide long-term results for Sports Chiropractic.
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