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Shoulder Pain

Modern Movement Medicine

Carrying tension in your upper back/neck region is a common problem, but if you have shoulder pain, there could be an underlying issue that requires medical attention, Shoulder pain in Wilsonville OR in many cases starts off mild but can progressively get worse if left untreated. If you have shoulder pain, the team at Modern Movement Medicine has the expertise to diagnose and treat the cause, using an integrative, noninvasive approach.

What Causes Shoulder Pain ?

There are numerous potential causes of shoulder pain. Your shoulder is a large, relatively complicated joint that is made up Of bones, connective tissues, muscles, and nerves. Irritation to any of these components either from an injury or due to the effects of aging can cause relatively significant or even severe forms of pain.
Damage from sporting injuries, accidents or repetitive use injuries can cause acute shoulder pain if any of the joints are subluxated, and/or the soft tissues of the shoulder joint such as tendons and ligaments become irritated and inflamed. Chronic inflammation Of the shoulder can lead to degenerative conditions that develop slowly over time after the joint has been subjected to years of wear and tear.

What Conditions Can Cause Shoulder pain?

There are many conditions that can cause shoulder pain, and some are more common than others, The types of shoulder problems treated at Modern Movement Medicine include:
Rotator cuff injury
Frozen shoulder
pulled muscles
Labral tears
Subluxation (partial dislocation)
Torn cartilage
Chronic shoulder pain is typically due to conditions like arthritis that cause damage to the protective linings on the ends of your bones. Without protection, the bones in your shoulder can rub against one another, creating friction that leads to joint inflammation and chronic pain.

What Treatments Are There For Shoulder Pain?

The team at Modern Movement Medicine takes an integrative approach to treating shoulder pain. Depending on the cause and severity of your injury, the team may recommend therapies such as:
  • Regenerative therapies
  • Chiropractic care
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Trigger Point Injections
  • Dietary Changes
  • Supplements and nutraceuticals
Our integrated team offers effective treatment methods based on your individual history and needs, maximizing your body's healing potential rather than relying on pharmaceutical solutions.

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Modern Movement Medicine is dedicated to helping you get relief from your pain. Our interdisciplinary healthcare team offers drug-free, surgery-free treatments that provide long-term results for Shoulder Pain.
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